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Unit 10 (Basement) London EC2A 4BH

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Gosh!!! I just happened upon your website because I was looking for a spa treatment to ease me into the New Year. Whilst I was mooching around your site I saw Nadia's review and, even though I have never done anything like this before, I felt compelled to write a response because I believe that this representation of Beautcamp is wholly untrue.I have been a member of Beautcamp since May of last year and apart from the Ikea clothes rail I don't recognize this description of the company at all. To begin with the reviewer refers to the 'location and building' as 'a bit of a ghetto'. Since it is in Bayswater I really can't imagine what she means. I personally haven't noticed a abundance of gangsters or ne'er-do-well's in and around the area but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. She is right to say that you have to be 'buzzed into the building' but is that so unusual in London. Furthermore I have never had to stand around or use my mobile phone to be let in and I most frequently attend the 8-am class.I could go on however, all of these misrepresentations count for nothing when in truth the biggest injustice is the defamation of the reception staff. I genuinely do not recognize a 'rude and lazy' member of the reception staff. Come to think of it I do not recognize a rude and lazy staff member anywhere else in the establishment for that matter.I've always been rather suspicious of these apparent 'independent reviews' especially when the conversations quoted seem like the dialogue of a poor quality soap opera, and in addition to which there is an immediate reference to another similar company that comes so 'highly' recommended.I would say to anyone thinking of starting Reformer Pilates give Beautcamp a go. Your first session is always free anyway and as with any new place you join it's kind of up to you to suss out which trainers suit you best as we all have different needs.If you want to have a good workout with well-trained staff at a reasonable price then try it. I can assure you that you will receive a friendly welcome. If it's 'apples' and 'magazines' you're looking for then yeah... Ten Pilates is probably for you.

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