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204 Fenwick Road Glasgow G46 6UE

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I booked through Groupon because I was going on holiday but when I called, the only appt I could get was 2 weeks before I went away but I was told on the phone that the nails should last. When I arrived I was told my finger nails definately would not last that my toe nails would.I wasn't overly impressed with service but I gues it wasn't too bad. I believe it is Claire herself who does the nails and I would have expected better customer service from a business owner looking for repeat custom!!So firstly, it was a gel layer followed by regular nail polish, not actual gel polish. I don't know how much difference this actually makes but it seemed odd to me. Anyway, my toe nails started to chip that very same day and by a few days later they looked a heck of a lot worse than they would have had I done them myself. A week later and my toes are completely gel and polish free bar a couple of spots of colour left and I have had to paint over my finer nails because 1) she only painted the centres of my nails so the regrowth within a week has left the polish starting half way up my nails and 2) the end have started to chip and my filed down nails underneath are breaking because they are now so thin and weak.I will not be going back there and will be doing a lot of research before I try anywhere else!!

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