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About Electric Hair

We provide our clients with a fresh new hairdressing concept, set in stunning salon environments. Our skilled staff are trained in cut, colour and professional haircare, giving them a breadth and depth of knowledge that allows them to truly meet every clients needs. Becoming an Electric client means partnering with your Electric stylist to truly manage your personal style. We are dedicated to making sure every step of your salon journey is enhanced by exemplary customer service, giving you an experience that you will want to return to again and again.Electric is the vision of Mark Woolley, award winning stylist and entrepreneur. Together with the Electric Artistic Team, Mark guides the creative vision of his company and travels the world to deliver shows, seminars and photographic shoots that delight and inspire. Electric salons will only appear in inspiring locations and remarkable buildings, each equipped with beautifully finished interiors.Mark's hand-picked teams of salon staff share his down-to-earth nature and accessible style. They are focussed on delivering a total service that blends outstanding cuts and gorgeous colour, providing you with a style that's all your own.

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Latest Reviews

  • Electric Hair 's review by Freya Robinson


    Honestly I’ve had mixed experiences here but with the state of my hair now I have no choice but to leave 1* and say; If you care about your hair go elsewhere! I came to Electric on both recommendation and reputation after leaving my last hairdresser of 6 years due to company changes, I wish I’d kept looking. My first appointment was changed to Georgia as the person I had booked with was away but what a blessing as she was Brilliant but unfortunately no longer there (now I’ve found where she’s moved to I’ll follow her). My hair was long and healthy when I left the salon (as can be seen on Instagram) and Tom cut an inch off the ends which is all I wanted taken off. I left happy. My next appointment was cancelled the day before and they requested I reschedule. I was going to a big event the next day and there was nothing they could do to help me get it done before this. By way of a “gesture” they gave me a ‘senior’ stylist for my rescheduled appointment and at the same time assured me on the phone he was ‘much better than Georgia’ (very supportive of staff!) This is where EVERYTHING went wrong. He took forever doing my hair, exactly the same appointment as I had with Georgia but it took an hour longer and I needed to be somewhere afterwards. He kept passing me off to other people so he could do other things around the salon, left me at the uncomfortable sinks for over an hour and 10 minutes (which started to concern me the amount of time with bleach and toner on my hair), barely spoke to me then seemed pissed off when I told him it was taking longer than planned and I really needed to be out by a certain time so could we skip the hair cut. He more or less ignored this and said it would be fine, when I told him I wanted no more than an inch taken off (I have real trust issues with hairdressers cutting hair and it’s a big personal struggle as my hair grows very slowly) he said “I’ll take off what I think needs to come off” and showed me, I said no only to find he went ahead at the back to cut off MUCH MORE than I said and by the time he did the sides and I could see there wasn’t much I could do. When he finished I said thank you out of politeness but I wasn’t happy and I showed that, in the weeks and months after this appointment my hair has become thinner and thinner, breaks constantly and is shorter than it’s been in 10 years. So much for a “gesture” you gave me a guy who has destroyed my hair. My last appointment was with Tom for colour and he is brilliant, was really attentive and was present to me for my whole appointment but even he noted it was quite short and thin now. My hair was 2 inches above my belly button when I first came to Electric, it’s now just above shoulder length as it continues to break and thin. I’m now having to spend over £400 on hair extensions to bring back my confidence, thickness and length while my hair MIGHT recover. This has never happened in 15 years of hair dying but 9 months with Electric and my hair is completely ruined. It’s devastating to look at and I’m sure this is mostly due to an incompetent hairdresser who couldn’t be bothered with his client leaving the dye on too long. I don’t know if my hair can recover from this, but I do know I won’t recommend them to anyone after this. The salon is tired and dated now but still charging very high prices. My last salon is very well known across the South and charge similar prices, however they have a modern interior, offer a glass of bubbles when you sit down, cake, pastries and a large drinks menu throughout the appointment, massage chairs at the sinks with leg rests and comfortable salon chairs. The sink chairs at Electric are back/neck breaking, the salon chairs are hard/uncomfortable and the interior needs a lift. The view by the sinks is depressing and dark especially when you’re sat there for over an hour. My 1* is solely aimed at the hairdresser who destroyed my hair, cut off more than I wanted and left me to pick up the pieces. Please don’t make the same mistake.

    Reviewed by

    2022-10-18 21:55:21
  • Electric Hair 's review by Steph


    I have had an awful cut at this salon today to the point where I was sobbing in the street and had to go straight home. I wouldn't let my husband even see my hair I was that ashamed of it. I paid a good amount of money to see a more senior stylist than a junior hairdresser as well! Although the person that cut my hair was lovely, I felt like I wasn't listened to when it came to what i wanted. I paid £68 for something that I was mortified with and I had to call the salon and make a complaint and thankfully they offered a refund and a consult with the art director... watch this space to see if I get the promised refund...

    Reviewed by

    2014-05-07 17:40:04
  • Electric Hair 's review by Emerald


    Since my stylist left its gone downhill. I had an awful hair cut there last week and will not be returning. I wasnt offered my usual cup of tea and the stylist left me half way through to start on another client as he was running late! Please do not bother going! They do charge extra without warning, but with my old stylist he left my hair looking so fantastic i wouldnt mind....not the case this time.‎

    Reviewed by

    2010-07-23 09:52:32
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