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8 Drumsheugh Place Edinburgh EH3 7PT

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Style AND Substance.The first thing that sets Freddy Antabi's salon apart from the other 'top' salons in Edinburgh (of which I had visited many before I found this one!) is the friendliness of the staff. There are no celebrity wannabes checking out what you're wearing in this salon. You are met with open smiles by staff that excel in customer service and know their job inside and out. It is evident that Freddy hand picks only the very best to work with him, and also that he puts the time and energy into his staff to be the best they can be. The result is a very positive vibe, happy staff and most importantly happy customers.I had tried many expensive salons in Edinburgh prior to finding Freddy and the result was always the same, I'd leave out of pocket with an identikit haircut to those of most of the hairdressers working there! Awful! I can genuinely say that each and every time I have left Freddy Antabi's salon, I have had the cut and colour I have asked for, which is so refreshing. Freddy and his staff really listen to what the customer want, they don't fire out 'fashion cuts' unless that's what the customer asks for. Freddy's salon is very competitively priced compared to some Edinburgh salons; you get the added bonus of leaving with a style that makes you feel fabulous. You can't put a price on that! He looks after his customers, regularly offering fantastic discounts for high quality treatments.The salon offers only the best quality of products and services. Quality is something I have noticed that Freddy doesn't compromise on. For example, I'm sure he could get many customers through the door by offering extensions that are glued in but he only offers the type that are woven in, which are much better for the scalp and long term hair of the customer. The salon itself oozes style, glamour and sophistication yet it has been done in an understated way which makes you feel instantly calm and relaxed as soon as you walk through the door. There is no pretention at all. I feel happy bringing my 4 year old daughter to the salon and recently brought a friend who had her 2 year old nephew with her, the staff brought him crayons and a colouring book and we were not made to feel as though he was in the way at any time which was really nice.I think the fact that I no longer live in Edinburgh and regularly travel over 100 miles to have my hair done by Freddy is testament in itself as to what a fantastic salon this is.

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    If I could give this salon a zero I would! My colour did not go as planned and I had to seek urgent help from another hairdresser on the same day. Upset with the result from Freddy Antabi, I waited a few days and then attempted to get in touch to discuss the matter. I phoned on several occasions, no one offered to take a message, no one offered to call me back and twice I was told they were too busy to deal with me. Eventually after many attempts, I was offered a call back and so waited by the phone (whilst at work - not ideal). An hour after the time I was told they would call, I received a blunt call where I was offered 10% off my next visit...except I had already said I would not be returning. The man went to speak to Freddy twice and the final offer was 50% back from my last visit. I advised I would come in person to speak to them as I did not think this was fair. I was told 3 specific days on when to come, and duly arrived on one of these days. I was confused to find no one had any time to deal with my complaint and that the man on the phone was on holiday. After initially ignoring me, Freddy condescended to come over and asked me what the problem was. He then proceeded to argue with me, telling me that I was to come in, receive my refund and that he would not be dealing with it. I had been sitting waiting to speak to someone I and explained that this was the reason for me coming in. He was not interested and went back to his client. I do not think it would have been a problem to have taken 5 minutes to have this resolved. I myself would always prioritise an unhappy customer and strive to have any problem solved. Unfortunately he did not share this attitude and shrugged me off telling me I could leave my number if I wished. On the same day I received a message to tell me I had been granted a full refund and I was to come in at a time convenient for me. Today I have been in and have been shouted at by Freddy Antabi and have been called rude. This was all inside the hairdressers with 2 clients present. I would never treat someone, especially a customer, the way I have been treated by this man. He does not seem to understand the concept of good customer care or can't bear to entertain the notion that he might actually be wrong. Truly the most unpleasant person I have ever had to engage with - rude, bad tempered and ill mannered. Even his staff (who were all lovely) apologise for his obnoxious behaviour.

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    2012-09-05 18:40:42
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