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863 High Road Essex IG3 8TG

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Didnt go to the Turnpike Lane Branch, went to the Goodmayes one. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. the WORST service EVER. Went into the shop to do a full head weave:1. The hairdresser flat out said no when i asked to do my hair, without giving an explanation despite the shop being empty2. When she finally agreed to start doing my hair, she cornrowed my hair WITHOUT extensions and argued when i ask for extensions3. She sewed in the weave WAY too tight (which has led to my hair breaking) and was left with a constant headache for a week4. Cut my fringe so crookedly you'd have thought it was done by a three year old. No in fact im sure a three year old could do a better job. I had to correct it myself when i got home.5. Didn't even try to style the hair, just left it with a blunt, uneven, cutI would never go back to such an unprofessional, rude and damn-right ignorant place again and what upset me the most it that at the time I needed my hair done it was an emergency as i had a busy schedule but this experience just wasted my time and money that could have been spent elsewhere.

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    DO NOT GO INTO THIS SALON!!! THE WORSE EXPERIENCE/SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD. The lady is VERY Rude. Infact, her demeanor is very Evil. She tried weaving my hair without extensions but i told her no, then she provided very little extensions and hardly braided my hair with it. She was VERY heavy handed and braided my hair too tight! She was screaming and hurling abuse with her friends all through out the process and became very RUDE and dismisive at the end. She would not style or curl my hair and she did not sew my wefts and closure on correctly, making excuses and lying all through out. As soon as i got home to style my own hair, the thread and wefts were lossening and i had to seek help from another stylist. She is the worst human being i have EVER come across... DO NOT GO INTO HER SALON. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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    2012-03-22 21:05:23
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