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I'd always been intrigued by the idea of the so-called Power Plate which, as the latest and greatest fitness gadget to grace the non-celeb population, I thought was some kind of magical metabolising machine that would strip me of my post Christmas flab. However, after a 30 minute lunch break session I can give you a much more realistic account of the Power Plate's virtues.To start with, you're not going to work up a sweat so don't bother with the latest celeb-worthy gym attire. Simple clothing that's easy to move in is sufficient, and you'll be barefoot so don't bother with the extra luggage like I did. Good Vibe's (unlike most Power Plate studios, so I'm told) does have a shower just in case you do need an emergency shower before heading back to work. The studio itself is quite small but it's all you need really with a few toilets and changing rooms. The girls and I were a bit wary but our instructor had all the pre-written jokes to keep us at ease. We began by standing on the plate on the balls of our feet, legs slightly bent. There was only one button we needed to worry about and it got the machine rolling – or rumbling actually. The vibration was a very weird sensation and it made me a bit itchy at times as it sent my skin into a frenzy. We continued to work our legs and bums using various tried and true exercises but supposedly the plate gives your body an extra workout as you're constantly feeling tense. The ab workout was the killer for me (I'd always thought I had quite good ab strength) and post workout I could feel my hamstrings burning slightly (an area I can never seem to work on properly). The session was over before we knew it and back at the office it was as if we'd never left. Admittedly, during the session my body was aching under the tension but immediately afterwards I felt fine (although in a much better frame of mind than pre-workout). I must say though, I'm not entirely convinced by the whole Power Plate phenomenon. Sure if you keep up with the sessions three times a week you'll definitely see a more toned you in the mirror in a few weeks but, as far as fitness goes your not going to drop a dress size. It's by no means a heart pumping cardio workout and to be honest, you can perform the same exercises at home without the machine which hasn't yet graced the screens of daytime telly selling, and will probably see very similar results. It's not the most economical way to tone up either. In times such as these, £20 a session is quite out of the question for most. So all I can say is give it a go, try it out for yourself and the least you'll come away with are some new ideas for home-style toning exercises.

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