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I tell everyone not to go. Frankly, it was the worst haircut I have ever had in my life and needs cutting again. I went for a dry cut at £11.00 which I normally have done at Raffles and they take off as much as I want but here the hairdresser was reluctant to take much off. I had phoned up prior to making my appointment to discuss the length of my hair, which was a layered cut grown out, and not very long, and check what a dry cut means and was told it would be ok to cut it short as a dry cut! After the cut the sides of my hair are uneven, it isnt blended or layered properly all over and I almost have a step on one side. I wear my hair brushed back to hide it! It is heavy at the back and not layered. Anyway I had to go back, which I hated doing and I have never had to do before, because I was having to wear a headband because the fringe was hanging in my eyes and even on the tops of my cheeks. It looked stupid. When I went back a different hairdresser agreed and cut the top shorter but she didnt blend the sides and back to match. Not a good look. It's shorter on top with longer lengths at the sides and back. I went about 4-5 weeks ago and to be honest I would have been better off going to another hairdressers to put it right but that would have meant I paid £22.00 total! and I cant afford it and why should I have to pay again? I'm a pensioner. I wish I had asked for my money back but I thought they would sort it for me. I would love to know who the manager is so that I could show it to him. I should have had my money back for this awful haircut because I am going to have to go to another hairdressers and pay again. Dont go to this establishment if you want a dry cut because I think they feel that £11.00 is not enough to give you a decent haircut! What they fail to realise is that it doesnt take as long as a wash cut and blow dry would and so when you think about, if you break it down into price for wash, price for cut and then price for blow dry, youre probably paying about the same!! I feel cheated and so I am very unhappy and will NEVER go back!

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