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191 Linacre Road Liverpool Merseyside L21 8JS 0151 933 8998

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  • Headmasters 's review by Paula


    Absolutely dreadful I went there at eleven and for just basic roots , no foils nothing special and told the girl that I had to be out by three to pick up my little 4 year old from school on her second day in reception, the woman said yes no problem , then they never seated me for over an hour then when they did they left me twenty minutes before they put the bleach on , then left it on for fifty minutes but then never washed it off for another twenty , then when they did it was the wrong colour so they had to put a toner on it , sam wait then sat me at the sinks but I waited forever to have it washed off , it still wasnt the correct colour but fearful of the time I said I didnt have time to have it corrected then I have never in all my life had anyone take so long to blowdry my shoulder lengt hair , I kept saying I had to be out for three but she just kept ignoring me , every time the phone rang she went off to answer it , kept stopping to use her phone , then went to the shop across the street to buy a drink asking every other member of staff what they wanted an waiting for them all to give her the money, the delivery man come i and she must have known him because she stood gabbing to him forever , I swear she was doing it deliberately , I eventualy got out and to the school thirty minutes late , my little girl was sat in the school office crying her eyes out , the last child to be picked up , she makes me promise now every day that I will be on time to get her, she says it about ten times all the way to scool and its the last thing she says before I kiss her goodbye. the staff are abrupt , rude and a gang of clowns and then they had the cheek to charge me for the toner that was their mistake !!! I will never ever set foot in the place again !! Stay away !!

    Reviewed by

    2017-10-20 10:22:26
  • Headmasters 's review by Julie


    Great Salon affordable but still a great standard ive been coming since took over in 2013 never had a problem maybe waited about ten min sometimes but that's to be expected at such a busy salon always feel people only tend to write reviews if bad so I really want to say how great they have been everyone ive recommended have been impressed and wouldn't go anywhere else keep up the good work girls

    Reviewed by

    2015-11-02 11:52:24
  • Headmasters 's review by Chri55ee


    DONT buy online and DONT use this company for anything!! They are obviously scammers because every single way you try to contact them there's no page found nor answer the phones emails etc.. I am going to report them to trading standards and I suggest anyone else having the same issues does the same.. I placed an order in good faith and they have basically stolen my money.. They are meant to be the best salon in Liverpool and the most well known? Yeah right!! I would ask anyone who is interested in getting these thieves reported to contact me and I will get the ball rolling.. I wouldn't rate them at all.....

    Reviewed by

    2012-02-21 12:28:22
  • Headmasters 's review by Vicky McQueen


    This salon is absolutely rubbish, waited 45 mins to be seated, then another 20 mins once was seated. A bunch of kids in there who didnt really know what they were doing. One senior 'stylist' in. went for extensions and colour, the colour was fine but the extensions that they gave me didnt match up to the colour at the top of my head, they didnt cut or blend my hair (as stated in the advert), the extension width on my head also seems too long. Really disappointed, would definatley NOT recommend!

    Reviewed by

    2011-08-26 16:04:53
  • Headmasters 's review by Joanne


    I went in for a colour correction, first time I asked to 'tone it down to an ashy blonde' and went from platinum to dark brown?! Was told in an abrupt manner I'd have to go away and come back, treated like it was my fault. Came back, everything was fixed by a senior stylist. Great! Went back again, sat there for half an hour waiting for someone to even see me after I'd booked an appointment. Finally got seated, senior stylist I had last time speaks to me, then gets someone else to do the whole rest of the job?! OK though, I've had that before, so I expect to sit there for about 50 minutes with bleach on my head. Oh no, I sit there for 50 minutes with bleach on my head, get it washed, get toner put on that I didn't even ask for because it 'hadn't lifted', sit there for another 20 minutes, got it washed, dried, then imagine my surprise when my roots are still there on one side of my head? Came back to get them fixed, was told they'd wash just that patch and dry it very abruptly, fine by me. Then she finds patches all over my hair with roots ( I assume where the toner didn't pick up ), puts bleach on them, THEN tells me I'd have to pay to have it dried?! So you cover my hair in bleach without confirming first, leaving me no option but to have it dried, then tell me to pay if I want it dry?! lol?! I had to sit there for about 6 hours for something that should have taken 2, and to add insult to injury you tell me to dry it myself or pay? Obviously, if they didn't dry it they couldn't check the colour - got home and the roots are white compared to the rest! Would NOT go back!!!

    Reviewed by

    2011-08-10 11:26:33
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