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I was searching for an American-style nail salon and that is pretty much what I got. Extremely no-fuss, no-ambiance. But, I did walk in (at mid-day during the week) and have a manicure right away. If you are very short of time and just need to get your nails done, it is an easy spot to go. However, at £16 for a mani (and while I didnt get one I think it was £30 for a pedi), the value didn't seem good enough to me to justify the lack of service/ambiance, etc. In fact, one of the other therapists sat next to me the entire time speaking with my therapist and when I got up to dry, she promptly sat down to have her nails fixed...

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    I used to get my nails done at Julie?s every two weeks. However due to now working in Wimbledon I don?t come as often. This afternoon I called ahead to book an appointment for this evening. Upon arrival (on time) the salon was really busy. I waited 20 mins for foil to be applied to my nails. I was left sat for 30 mins so I began scraping the shellac off myself and then reapplied the foil and cotton to help speed up my visit. The technician returns and starts taking the polish off etc. I was undecided between two colours and asked ?Jenny? to see two colours- usually when I?ve done this technicians happily show me the polish. She rudely told me to ?just pick one? and said one was ?just red? and the other is ?red orange?. I explained to her I wanted to see how bright the ?red orange? (actually coral) was. She walked off and started tending to another customer who was having a pedicure. I asked another employee if I could see the two colours and she told me to ask her colleague ?Jenny?, I replied saying I have but she is refusing to show me. Another 10 mins pass and Jenny returns to me and asks which colours I wanted to see. She puts them on the table and walks off to work on another customer. Another 10 mins pass and she returns asking if I have picked one. I told her I have and she begins to talk in Vietnamese and I see two of her colleagues looking over laughing and one replies back in Vietnamese. Note to new staff- when you?re talking in Vietnamese about customers it is OBVIOUS. As a regular customer the nail technicians and have been lovely. Yes, they talk in Vietnamese (minus Maria!) but they don?t force you into picking a colour, walk off and speak (read: bitch) about you. After doing my nails, she dabbed a bit of oil- no hand cream or anything. Whenever I?m at the salon the staff have never had a problem with me running across the road to go to the cash point to get cash out, however Jenny asked me to leave an item of mine at the salon- assuming she judged me and thought I was going to run off without paying. There was no apologising for the rudeness when I asked for the managers contact details or giving me a new loyalty card. When I returned to pay Jenny didn?t even take the cash and another member of staff came to take my payment. Going to get your nails done is supposed to be a calm, relaxing and nice treat however this trip was quite possibly the worse experience I have had in my life. Absolutely awful. I have never had this experience at Julie?s and due to an influx of new staff I can imagine this is the start of a downward spiral for a salon that used to provide a really pleasant service.

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    2018-07-20 20:09:47
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