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I was really disappointed on visiting Malika in Canary Wharf, so much so that I was incensed to write a review about it here. I arrived 2 minutes early for my appointment and was made to wait for 10 minutes, the whole time sitting on a chair watching the lady before me having her eyebrows threaded. This was clearly quite uncomfortable for her as we were less than half a meter apart. Hence my low grade for 'facilities' and 'ambience'.At the same time as I was waiting, another lady came in who said that she'd had an appointment booked that morning, but when she arrived for her appointment was told that they were too busy and she would have to return after midday. She was then told she would be waiting another 35 minutes for her to finally have her appointment.Once my appointment started, I told the therapist (whose name I do not recall) that I wanted minimum taken from the top of my eyebrow as I was trying to regrow them. The 9 months I have been doing this has totally been eradicated now as the therapist seemed to ignore my request. I was clearly shocked when looking in the mirror at the first eyebrow, but the therapist didn't bother asking me why I was upset with the result. She just told me to lie down again and she continued with the next eyebrow. I told her she had taken too much off but she completely ignored me and just carried on going. The result was that (in my opinion) my eyebrows were completely crooked! As I regularly have my eyebrows threaded the whole treatment lasted 3 minutes at the most.At the end, the "indian head massage" lasted 30 seconds as the therapist was clearly annoyed that I was unhappy with her work. Not once was there an apology or an attempt to discuss rectification of the damage done. She gave me a loyalty card which I told her I would not be needing. Again, no query as to why I was unhappy. She then went on to thrust into my hand, without saying anything, a receipt for 15 quid. For 3 minutes of (in my opinion) TERRIBLE work! Frankly, I was quite gobsmacked. Then she turned around and walked off. No sorry, no thanks, nothing. If she didn't agree that it had been done badly that's fine, but I would expect at least a quick chat about it so I could have a real opportunity to voice my concerns.I would strongly advise people to avoid this salon as far as possible. Although it is convenient for me, as I work close by, I will be journeying back to House of Fraser on Oxford Street (which is brilliant) or Harrods for my eyebrow threading in the future.

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