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I have been visiting the clinic ever since 2010 fro treatment and without exception have never had an appointment that runs smoothly. The following as just a few of a long list of complaints:- Last minute cancellation of appointments as a result of repeated machine breakdowns. This has happened on at least 60% of the times I have been booked in for treatment.- Rearrangement of appointments and no notification. I have seen other clients and I myself have turned up for an appointment and been told there is no record so I will have to reschedule for a fortnight later!- Over an hour waiting for appointments when attend. Because I have had to wait I'm then told my treatment time has been reduced and I will have to come back to finish treatment!- Burning as a direct result of inexperienced staff treating and using laser. I am aware of at least one case where a client was so badly burnt all over her body she has had to have long term treatment of the scars. This did also result in a full refund by the doctor for fear of legal action.- Rude staff including the owner (allegedly a doctor herself) when dealing with queries, concerns raised.- Unhygenic treatment pre and post treatment of area/location/premises. -Numerous changes of machines, some work, some don't. Some require different levels of growth for 'best results' apparently. Each time you go staff give conflicting advice about the machines. I have attended on one occasion and the person who was about to treat me didn't even appear to be too sure how to use it! I decided to reschedule...Since I have been attending the clinic the level of staff turnover has also been tremendous. Many of the more experienced staff have left and some of those I have spoken to are just plain tired of clients like myself complaining because they themselves know how bad the service is. I would seriously warn anyone who is thinking of attending the clinic for treatment against it. There are many other more reputable establishments who may charge more but are worth going to to avoid the stress and frustration and lack of service Pasha has.As a direct result of the above and abuse from the Doctor when I complained about the service I have decided not to go further and will be taking legal advice to take action against them. If you browse further online you will see I am not the only person who share these concerns.

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