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Although I have given this venue a high rating, there are other areas of the Company I was very unhappy with.I first went to SK:N, Harley Street, London when a friend recommended it to me for Laser Hair Removal. I purchased a course of 8 and received 10% discount as I have PCOS. I was a little apprehensive at my first appointment, as I hadn't liked the patch test at all, the cooling system in the Laser really took my breath away, but Jenna my Consultant was careful and attentive, warning me when she was going to make the next Laser pass, so I could take a breath in. I was very impressed with the treatments and went on to have a further 5. I was advised I could keep my two additional treatments as top ups for any regrowth.On my final sixth appointment I was told by the receptionist I had to book my next appointment. I said I would prefer not to, as I would probably forget. I was assured I would receive the usual reminder Email and Text message a few days prior to my appointment and it was company policy that I would have to book my next appointment.The following month my reminder alarm went off in my phone, to alert me I had an appointment at SK:N on that same day, I hadn't received either the reminder text or Email from SK:N and I didn't feel I needed the appointment, as there had been no regrowth, so I called to cancel and was informed I would have to pay a short notice cancellation fee of £25. I was not happy about this and explained I hadn't wanted the appointment in the first place and hadn't received and reminder messages. My query was passed onto the Clinic manager, who I believed was called Matt.Matt Emailed me and I was rather put out by the tone of his Email, he hadn't bothered to start the letter with "Dear ....." or even "Hi ......", he just put my name and informed me their systems for appointment reminders was faultless, almost inferring I was lying about having not received any reminders. I though he was very rude and didn't appear to understand the meaning of good Customer Service.Anyway, a few days ago, I received a reminder text and email stating I had an appointment on 10th February, this is an appointment I knew nothing about. Fortunately my day was free on 10th and I travelled from Surrey into London, it was a nightmare trip which took me almost 2 hours. I ended up arriving at the clinic 7 minutes late and was smugly told by the receptionist I'd missed my appointment and would have to rebook. I didn't make a fuss, even though I had never been seen on time for any of my past appointments and on one ocassion en route to an appointment I was phoned to say they were running an hour late, but I didn't complain. I have just put it down to experience and in knowing SK:N will never receive another penny from me. I will just have my final two treatments over the next couple of months and take my custom to a more appreciative company.To Summarise, the Harley Street clinic itself was clean and aesthetically pleasing. Jenna my Consultant, who has since left SK:N was wonderful, extremely competent and professional. The problem is with their booking system, which regularly sent me reminders with incorrect times or not at all and their poor Managers, who would do well to remember if it wasn't for people like me buying courses for hundreds of pounds, they would have no jobs or business. So SK:N, continue treating your customers dismissively and eventually things will catch up with you. It's a competitive market and there are always hundreds of companies ready to snatch your custom.

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