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I was bought a spa package as a christmas gift from my mum at the spa at greens. Upon arriving at the spa i was greated politely and was aksed to fill in a questionnaire. Within minutes i was whisked away with my therapist for my full body scrub and aromapathy massage. The therapist did not introduce herself or ask me any questions about myself. I was asked to put on paper panties and lie on the paper towel covered bed :( The therapist then began the body scrub which only really covered half of my body and hurt as she was trying to spread little product far. Whe trying to get up i had to peel paper towel off myself before showering. Weh in the shower,i wish i wasnt. It was in good need of a clean and replacement of ceiling tiles. Shower was ok though. I then waitedin a rough bathroom while the therapist changed the paper towel on the bed before she continued the massage. The massage. Well I have terrible knots in my neck and shoulders which were skipped over and the massage was to repetitve and finished in a flash of a warm towel over my shoulders. Nothing to write home about, didnt make me feel very relaxed. Then i was taken for a pedicure. The colour pallette was limited with no colours i would really choose and pedicure was rushed and i was left with bumpy polish. The manager kept pacing outside the door checking to see what stage my therapist was upto as she had a client and needed the room. This made me feel extreamly unwelcome and not at ease and relaxed like i should have felt.The therapist spoke but only when the manager wasnt present. As she pcing past the room so much, the therapist was very quiet. Pedicure lasted 10-15min maxThe manicure. Once again this was rushed. My culitles werent pushed back and the therapist tried to file clear nail varnish off with a file rater then using more product. Even after me telling her that my nails were quite sore and thin due to a bad set of overlays a few months back. A base coat was applied and then straight after without time to dry the colour was applied. The therapist had trouble with this as the base coat wasnt dry and the colour was clinging and moving the base. After 2 coats of colour my mails looked shabby and cuticles were flooded. I even asked for round nails and i ended up with a square finish. The colour was patchy and uneven. Not a happy bunny and not a worthwhile christmas present :( The therapist did not speak to me the whole time she was painting my nails and the boss was sat behind me throughout. Manicure lasted 10-15mins max! I left virtually straight away as the atmosphere was uncomfortable and didnt feel very welcoming. Not the relaxing day i thought iwas going to have. While i was here my mum had a facial with the therapist that painted my nails and said she was absolutly lovely and very chatty. Just a very differenet person while her boss is around. My mum bought some product and the therapist put a few samples in to the bag along with the moisturiser and left it at the till. While on the phone, the manager picked up the bag and looked inside and took all the samples out the bag. My mum witnessed and had to ask for them to be put back in. Th manager (sorry who i assume to be the manager) spoke so quickly and abruptly towards my mother and myself that i couldnt bare to be there much longer. I felt in the way and any bit of relaxation that i had experienced had well and truely gone by now. This was not the most friendly atmosphere and i defintly will not be visiting here again. Extreamly dissapointed. I would advise you to not spend your money and go to the double tree hilton in Chester where there spa days are flawless

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