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I had the worst manicure experience in my life at Bridges which I could have ignored if I wasn’t treated so badly at this salon. 
The manicurist appeared to be in a bad mood from the very beginning. 
I had brought along two fairly new cuticle cutters and asked her to use either of them when doing my nails. The moment I requested this, she reacted as if I had offended her to no limits. “I honestly rather use mine,” she said in a very angry tone. I travel a lot and always use my own cuticle cutters and have never had any problems from the numerous places where I’ve had manicures. I think it’s just good hygiene and nothing personal against any salon. I simply told her that I needed to use mine. She got so angry and started making faces at me, shaking her head and snatching and slamming the tools. I told her I didn’t think I was asking for something over the top and that there was no need to make such a big deal about it and that she only needed to do what she could with my tools. She appeared to be fuming then proceeded to take all her anger out on my hands and nails. I’ve never seen anyone cut cuticles as furiously and aggressively as she did. She was so rough and what she did hurt. Surely enough, there was blood all around one of my thumbnails. I didn’t say anything about the blood and asked her to push in the remaining cuticles and not to cut anymore. From the filing to picking the color, the experience didn’t get any better. When I finally couldn’t take her attitude and anger anymore, I asked her to just apply a clear coat of manicure and no color. I couldn’t wait to get out of that chair. 
When she was done with me, the manicurist spoke to a woman who appears to be the salon’s owner in a back room. As I went to pay, I was debating with myself whether or not to mention what had happened and how upset I was to the owner. Before I made up my mind, the owner brought it up on her own when I asked how much I owed them. She said that the manicurist asked her not to charge me and then added in an accusatory tone that what had happened was really unnecessary! I told her I thought it was unnecessary of the manicurist. She insisted it was unnecessary of me and added that she didn’t want to get into it!!! 
So I just had a terrible experience, you can see the blood on my nail, you’ve never spoken to me before and yet you decided that I was at fault and when I attempted to respond you decided you didn’t want to discuss it?! Why bring it up then if you “don’t want to go into it?” To this moment, I have no clue what the unnecessary action on my part was--except maybe for putting up with the poor treatment I received for as long as I did and not cutting it short and leaving earlier. I told her it was not unusual to want to use my tools and that the fact that the manicurist felt more comfortable using her own didn’t justify all the anger, let alone taking it out on me in that manner. The owner kept saying over and over that the manicurist had many clients who were happy with her work! I am sure she does but how is that relevant to me or what we’re talking about?! I was interested in discussing what had happened and not in evaluating the manicurist’s career! To be honest, I would have preferred to have paid something for the service that I got (as poor as it was) and heard that they were sorry I had a bad experience at their salon. That could have ended it. Instead, the owner added insult to injury. To me, the way she handled this and how she wasn’t even open to hearing what I had to say but felt free to blame me speak volumes of how little customers and their satisfaction matter at Bridges. 
I told the owner I was going online and writing a review based on my experience. To be completely fair in my review, I’d like to add that my mother had a haircut and a blow dry at the same salon and was satisfied with the service she got. When we first walked in though the place was very stuffy and didn't smell good. I think they may have switched an AC on later when my mom said it felt too warm. I was looking forward to a relaxing manicure experience. Instead, I left Bridges with poorly filed nails, no color, blood on one nail and very high stress levels. 
Will never be going back to this salon and I strongly don’t recommend it!

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