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WHAT A CON DO NOT GO HEREA lady turned up in my work place saying would I be interested in a special offer she only had 2 tickets left and showed me what was on offer as I needed a hair cut very soon I was interested and thought it would be a nice idea to ask my friend. She said they had to take the money now and it was £50 for the 2 tickets yet when I got my bank statement £50.50 was taken.As my friend is a single mother and works all week it took a while to arrange what day/dates would be good for her. So I rang only to be told you were fully booked till June /July. After speaking with my friend we decide to wait and I decided that I would just pay to get a hair cut now. So I rang back to book when after taking details she said that will be £50 please. I said no I have already paid, the lady said we have to take a booking fee its in the small print.So my issues are at this point… 1. To start with the lady selling tickets implied that she only was giving a way a few, so I was shocked when I couldn’t get an appointment.2. The sales lady did not point out I would have to make an additional payment to reserve our appointmentsAs I needed my hair cut I could not afford to pay £50 for the tickets and £50 deposit as well as £30 for a haircut, so I had to let my mate down and ask for a place on my own.I was told it was a 5-6 hr deluxe experience so I booked the day off work.So on Tuesday I arrived at the salon, spoke to the hair consultant who put me off the idea of the haircut I really wanted (which was going from a medium bob to short hair) and decided on just cutting it shorter, which I did agree to.So he washed my hair as normal and the scalp massage in the package lasted all of 30 seconds. Mentioned how I could buy the products to hep straighten my hairDuring my cut another 2 girls arrived and one needed to be cut by the guy who was doing my hair so he seemed to rush the end of it. Anyway over to the make up lady who made me fill out a form and then I sat and waited. She came back took me to the nail section took off the left over nail polish (well most of it) and put some new colour on, whipped me over to the make up. I had said on the form I use black/purples and I wanted my spot covered. She asked what I normally do I told her gothic she said that would suit my eyes, never offered anything different on the form I thought I said I wanted a natural look.She started plastering on make up she gave me dark eyes I normally do that myself and awful lipstick. Then she started with the sell sell sell how I could ‘use my deposit’Then I was left, I sat there for ages in the end I went to the toilet to put on my lipstick that suited me and cover up the spot that she didn’t doPhotos nice man but In and out before I knew it. Then a wait for photos. I was shown the photos it was constant selling I felt pressured, but I didn’t like them and I ended up deleting most of them.I did want to buy a product for my hair it was the KMS hair straightening serum it was £12.50 then another £5 was added for posting the free photographSo the photo man said you have £7.50 left why don’t I put your 1 photo on a disc so you can have it whenever you want, I agreed didn’t feel I had much choice but £7.50 I get a photo I can use ….He made me sign a form. So I said when does my print come? He said I didn’t get this as I was having a disc instead blabbed on more said bye. I walked out no one seemed to bother with me. I sat in my car and thought hold on…..The product was £12.50, £5 for postage and £7.50 for disc. I should have had the £5 back. I didn’t know what to do I sat in my car in shock and thinking my 5-6 hrs experience was all done in 3hrs 15 mins… and I had been conned to pay £12.50 for a disc (cost 1p) and a photo on it.I had to take the make up off straight away it was so thick it had cracked, it took me an hour. The following day I washed my hair straightened it only to see one side was lob sided and it had not been thinned out enough. I got into work I have looked at the photo it is so dark I cant see my top or hair clearly this was not what I had looked at on the computer in the viewing room.So 1. Took a day off work £55 after tax, only needed half a day as done in 3 hrs2. Was rushed in and out didn’t feel like I was paid attention to not a deluxe make over, I had 2 teas no one was around to ask.3. Hair was cut un even 4. Make up was sub standard and has given me spots5. Ended up losing all my deposit6. The photo is sub standard and I don’t get a print that I have paid for

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