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I really could not believe what was going on when I choose Double Take as the company that I wanted to have my makeover with. It all started when I watched a radical makeover program and decided that it would be a great thing to try, ok I didn’t want radical but I was in the right place for a new look having not long split up with my long term partner.I looked online and liked the look of the website and called to make an appointment, the next thing I know is I am giving out my credit card details for a two pounds deposit, afterwards I felt really silly because I new that was a crazy sum of money to deposit and there had to be come catch. I did some research on the company and found lots of negative reviews on them and tried to cancel but of course there was going to be a large cancellation fee and I couldn’t get out of it because they had my credit card details so I had to go ahead and keep the appointment even if it was against by now better judgment.Then the phone calls started I must have got ten calls telling me that I needed to deposit money first that the company would match on the day. I was already feeling angry with myself for handing over my details and told them again and again that I did not want to put more money down and even contacted my bank to make sure they did not just take it, I was so annoyed they kept calling me, seven times I was at work, I felt like taking out a harassment case.The next thing is when I got to the place they then hounded me for my friends phone numbers as well, there was no way I was going to hand out numbers when I already have first hand experience of how they keep calling you, I was furious and told them point blank that I was not prepared to do that and from that moment on they were very frosty with me, I felt very uncomfortable and just wanted to get out of there.The hair and the make up were good and so was the photo session but I was so upset by everything else it was hard to enjoy it.The photos were nice but the sales push, I have never experienced such hard sale in my life but I half expected it because of the other things.I would not recommend this company because they are just sell sell sell which is a shame because the actual make over is good but this just totally ruins the whole experience

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