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I was lucky enough to go along for a free morning launch event at Frame with some work colleagues. Frame is pretty hard to find if you don't know the area very well - we walked around in a few too many circles before finally finding the side street it's on, as there was building work going on nearby. Located in some arches, the venue is nice and airy and the arches throughout give it a quirky feel. They have a self-service breakfast available for early morning workouts which is a really nice touch, plus on Thursday and Friday nights they have makeup and hair teams there so you can do a class then get spruced up for a night out (which you're perfectly located for!). The changing rooms are quite small, but have a large mirror and four shower cublicles with products available so you can leave feeling fresh.To start off we tried their signature class, Framework, which is a body conditioning type of class with some ballet-like poses thrown in. This was in a small room where only five or six people could fit in to do it, so you don't get lost and are able to see what the instructor is doing. It's a great class for toning and stretching the muscles and I could definitely feel it working even though it was a short half hour session.Next we tried out the Lindyhop, which was great fun! It helps to go as a group as you need to pair up for partner work, but the instructor had us rotating round so you danced with everyone, making it more enjoyable. The instructor was helpful but as it was a taster session he couldn't go over the steps too much, so it probably helps to be a quick learner. Overall the vibe of the place was fun and friendly, and they've clearly thought everything through, from breakfast to make up touch-ups and complimentary towels. They have a good range of classes such as burlesque, ballroom dancing and pilates (which they have machines for in a separate room), and they even do hen parties so you can have a giggle and try something new for a fun night out. I was also pleased to hear there are no membership fees, you just top up your Frame card, choose a class and book in. I'll definitely be going back!

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