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I went to this clinic to get the Amelan treatment not long ago (few weeks). I chose this one because it was on the home website of Amelan and therefore figured it would a really profesional place with professional doctors. So I went to my first appointment in Maddox street which had been booked for 4.pm. The venue was extremely small and not professional looking whatso ever just some tiny room with aa few chairs. so I let the receptionist know my time and she told me she could not find this in the system. I told her i had personally spoken to on the phone with the Doctor in chage who had given me this appointment. She turned me away say it was actually book for 6:10pm. I was not in the mood to argue so accepted this and sat in a cafe for two hours. I went at 6:10pm and met the doctor who casually apologised for making a mistake and I accepted it. The doctor is extremely unprofessional. She did not explain the procedure or anything as you would exept and infact encouraged me to take vitamin c injections along wth amelan. I decided to take them. she told me amelan would cost £1000 even though in most other london clinics it costs £815. I did not question this however. So I gave her the money and later booked my apointment for the amelan. At another branch (greenlanes) which was SO difficult to find. When I was in the area I rang her to guide me and she told me "its easier if u go to maddox street branch because you won't find this one" even though I was in the area!!! I pushed her let me come to this one so she finally guided me on the phone which by the way took only a few minutes. The greenlanes branch is like a vet, It apsolutely stank like a vet would. It was dirty, dingy and unprofessional. The doctor applied the mask WITHOUT cleansing my face (only me wipping my face with baby wipe) and applying a degreasing solution you are supposed to. SO the treatment took 5 minutes and I expected her to give me after care products something which she is supposed to since I paid for them. But she gave me none and rushed the treatment. Every time I rang to make an appointment she would tell me casually to come anytime after a specific time. I find this extremely unprofesional. When I came in to collect a specific after care cream she told me I was not ready for it yet , on that day she even made me take my make up of in the waiting area!!! and even though I hadn't booked an injection she told me she would do it today so i allowed her to. while she prepared again she did not cleanse my face just stuck a needle in and while she done this she was speaking to her colluegues loudly and ocasionally answering her mobile fone. the 1st injection hurt like hell so i told her to stop. She then applied the serum superficially and said next time she would use a anaesthetic. something she should have offered me THIS TIME ASWELL. she charged me FULL amount for one treatment for this treatment. I was so furiuos that she didnt firstly book a real appointment to do it and then didnt offer local anaethesia, dug a needle straight in without warning, was talking on the fone and with collegues throught it, staff members were walking in and out of the room, applied the serum superfically and then STILL charged full treatment money!!!!!!!!!!!!!so i told her I want a refund and she sed she will only give me back some of the money :(OVERALL: UNPROFESIONAL, NO HOSPITALITY, NO COMMUNICATION,

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